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That you have to become holy is not in question; Jesus even commands it. How you become holy is another issue. If I were to ask 20 different people to define the word "holiness" I believe I would get 20 different definitions. From my experience of doing that, asking people what "holy" is, most of them would confuse the meaning of it with the word "pious." They seem to think that to be holy is to walk around with eyes cast downward and hands folded. The glory of God is not just found in a beautiful sunrise or sunset or in a miracle cure. The glory of God is also found in the everyday. We think a miracle is when we pray and God does what we ask. But another definition of miracle is when we pray and then we do what God asks. The book you are about read is a frail attempt on my part to capture in the printed word what God has shown me about my call to be holy. I hope with all my heart that this book will encourage you in your vocation of holiness. But I also hope it will challenge you in your attempts to truly live a Christ-centered life. The old adage rings ever true, "indeed Jesus came to comfort the afflicted, but He also came to afflict the comfortable!" That's the great thing about life in God. We know we're all sinners, we're all in need of his mercy and help. And what you're about to read is one man's story about how God gave that mercy and help.


Pope Paul VI said, "Modern man listens more willingly to witnesses than to teachers, or if he listens to teachers he does so because they are witnesses." How well these words apply to the evangelization efforts of Bill Wegner! In his book, "Dare To Be Holy," he recounts the unvarnished details of his journey from "would-be bookie" to real estate dynamo to full-time Catholic lay evangelist, and offers us a witness that truly teaches. With humor, insight, and inspiration, he gives us a window into his soul and convicts us in the process. This easy read packs a powerful punch as Bill Wegner all but "double dares" us to "be holy!"
Johnnette S. Benkovic
Host of "The Abundant Life" seen on EWTN

In "Dare To Be Holy" Bill Wegner opens his life up to us in such a way that we can not only see the way God worked in his life, but we can begin to imagine the ways in which God can move in ours."
From the Forward by Jeff Cavins
Author, nationally known speaker

The work that Bill Wegner does in bringing the "good news" to so many parishes all over North America is truly impressive. This story of his response to God, the challenge of holiness, and its implications for all of us is inspiring. Bill and his work are definitely part of that "new evangelization" that Pope John Paul II so persistently called for. This book has lessons for us all.
Ralph Martin
Author, President of Renewal Ministries

Bill Wegner is a wonderful storyteller and his is a colorful story. This isn't the usual account of one man's need for salvation. This is a call to a back-to-basics holiness, told in Bill's own all-too-human, down-to-earth and sometimes irreverent way.
George McGovern
Chapel leader, NY Giants, NY Yankees

I've known Bill Wegner for several years and respect the work of his ministry, Good News International. I am happy to recommend, "Dare to Be Holy," a witness to the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. Get this book, not just for yourself, but also for your family and friends.
Joe Klecko
Former NY Jet All-Pro
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